Google+ & LinkedIn

So I have been trying to figure out Google+ all night… I am really not into it. I can’t seem to sort out the privacy and I hate how it is connected to all my other activity on Google: youtube, etc.

LinkedIn however is different. I think I like it better because it is segmented in what is communicating.  To be honest I do use my LinkedIn so I was aprehensive about adding so many new connections as I limit it to career connections only. This way to me, it stands apart from Facebook.

I see shallow value in LinkedIn in terms of mainitaing references and professional networing, but google+ doesn’t do anything for me.

What do you think?



Let’s put this social media thing to good use!

I wanted to reach out to all of you because my friend Jenny could use some help.

I encourage you share this story on your Facebook or Social Media Page.

As a fundraising professional it is an honour to be able to put any skills I have to work for a friend, so please read her story below:

Operation ‘Help the De Guia Family’ aka ‘Bring Momma Home’

We are hoping you might be able to lend a hand to a very important person in our office. Jenny De Guia, member of the Donor Relations team, is dealing with a family emergency right now and needs our help.

The story

For those of you who do not already know, Jenny’s mother Eva was diagnosed with plasmoblastic lymphoma (a rare form of non-hodgkins lymphoma) in June of last year. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor and then began aggressive chemotherapy treatment from August to November. Eva tolerated the treatment extremely well, and with no evidence of cancer since June, and much to Jenny and her family’s delight – Eva completed treatment for the lymphoma and marked as officially in remission as of December 30. This past March, with the blessing of her doctor, Jenny’s mom and dad decided to travel to the Philippines for a six week trip to see their family.

Unfortunately, this is where things took a turn for the worse. Eva was having difficulty breathing and was taken to the hospital in the Philippines on April 2. Through a series of tests it was determined that the cancer had returned and was quite aggressive. As a result, and at the recommendation of Eva’s oncologist in Calgary, Eva needed to come home as soon as possible.

Eva’s condition requires that she have a constant oxygen supply and a chest tube, and because of these medical requirements – Eva’s travel options were very limited. Eva was told she can be released from the hospital in the Philippines with a ‘travel with precaution’ status, as flying was high risk for her. Nonetheless, she was willing to accept this risk in order to get home to Calgary and start cancer treatment again.

Jenny traveled to the Philippines and after one stressful week full of phone calls, working through the complex Philippines medical system and clearing the airline physician test, a miracle happened and Jenny was able to bring her parents’ home this past Saturday, April 19th.

Eva is now in ICU at the Peter Lougheed, and requires a respirator.

The plan

The quickest way to get Eva back to Calgary was via a direct flight from the Philippines to Vancouver. Given that this is an international flight, the airline was able to provide Eva with the oxygen she required for the duration of the trip. However, as soon as she deplaned in Vancouver, the international airline could not provide oxygen, this is why an air ambulance was required from Vancouver to Calgary. An air ambulance was the only option for Eva, as her cancer has spread rapidly and she cannot go without oxygen. Unfortunately, domestic flights cannot provide the oxygen that Eva requires. When Jenny and her parents landed in Vancouver an air ambulance team was necessary, given Eva’s deteriorating condition.

When the family landed in Calgary – Eva was sent directly to the Peter Lougheed where her oncologist had a bed waiting for her.

Why we need your help

As you can imagine, supporting a loved one through cancer treatment is a difficult enough task when you have all the resources and support you need at your disposal. This is not the case for Jenny’s family.
Although Jenny’s parents purchased traveler’s insurance, the company is now indicating they will not cover any expenses associated with a pre-existing condition. As you might imagine, all of these unexpected costs are substantial and add to the crisis they are dealing with.

Jenny’s friends are trying to help the family with the cost of the air ambulance, which was around $10,000. Any donations raised beyond the cost of this transportation will be put towards covering the cost of Eva’s care and treatment in the Philippines over the past few weeks.

We are hoping that, together with Jenny’s local family and friends, we can raise $15,000 – $20,000 to help the family with hospital, airfare and air ambulance expenses.

Each day all of us work to raise money for great causes at the University. We are hoping that, together, we can use our skills, expertise and resources to lend support to one of our own in her time of need.

How you can help
We encourage you to share Jenny’s family’s story with your network of friends and family. We all know someone who has been affected by cancer and we can all relate to the stress and struggle that Jenny and her family are going through.

If you are able to provide support, here are two ways that you can:

• For any monetary donations – friends have set-up a bank account at TD Financial Trust which you can donate to by visiting any TD branch and quoting account number 8175 9817 5605 0295.
• Additionally, donations can be accepted via e-transfer
• Please know that since this is not a charity, tax receipts are not available.
• The question for the e-transfer will be: Who is this donation for? And the answer is evadeguia. Cash or cheques can also be given to Erin Bodman on the Development Team. Any cheques can be made payment to Jeff de Guia.
• In lieu of monetary donations, grocery or gift certificate donations would also be much appreciated. Should you want to provide a gift of this kind – please contact Gemma (one of Jenny’s best friends) at – so we can coordinate the delivery of groceries or gift certificates.

Any gift, of any type, truly will make a world of difference to Jenny and her family.
Thank you.

Essential Post: Chirstina & blogs, kissing in a tree

A blog would be highly relevant in my profession as a business owner as they lend to establishing a brand. That being said I don’t think they are for me. I much prefer to connect with people in person. I think it’s too easy to put up the wall of the internet and only show you “highlight reel.” I think you brand becomes a powerful idea when it aligns with how you live and who you are 24/7.


It is so easy for me to type here, backspace, spell check, think, google search ideas, etc. At the end what I am posting isn’t who I am on a core value level, it’s not genuine. And that’s not to say anything negative about blogging, but in terms of my own mind set and process, it would only get in the way.


I sometimes wonder if those who a famous for blogging feel controlled or limited by their blog brand. When they go out in public and meet their followers, do they feel truly themselves or is their success found in perpetrating ideas?


What are your thoughts?

Essential Post: My bloggin experience

Starting this blog has been a very interesting experience. It is strange how easy it feel to share my thoughts with strangers/acquaintances. I feel that if close friends or especially family followed me, I would be a lot more conscious of my posts. As well, it is good to set out on this with no hidden agenda. I am not building a brand or appealing to anyone. It feels like a diary I know others will read. It’s not intensely cathartic for this reason. When I read other, well established blogs it doesn’t shock me at the level of personal information they share, but I feel for me it would be TMI! It was easier than I thought once I started typing. Very surprising experience.


I find I want to encourage a dialogue with the readers. I thought that was a bit odd, but then I thought “it’s called social media for a reason!”



Essential Post: Text on social media marketing

To respond the the required post on text on social media marketing and why you would choose to do this:

I think it is a great way to increase your brand awarness as well as development. it’s a great way to engage clients and build near personal level relationships with them. Gen Y is all about being informed so to me this is a natural step. The ability for the consumer to check in on the product (whether thats a company or personal brand) is novel and appeals to thie next gerneration needs.


What ar eyour thoughts?

Essential Post: 1 girl, 2 blogs

Working in Donor Relations and being an entrepreneur, I thought I would include one of each!

A very well-known Donor Relations blog is the Donor Relations Guru. This is a very popular blog among Donor Relations professionals because it is well researched and professionally polished in terms of content delivery. The blog is written by Lynne Wester who is the Director of Alumni Programs and Engagement at the University of North Carolina. The US is notoriously at the forefront of Donor Engagement stratergy, adding to her reputation. She oversees engagement, volunteer management, and programming for over 100,000 alumni. She received her undergraduate degrees from the University of South Carolina and is a loyal gamecock alumnua, donor, and fan, and holds a master’s in strategic fundraising and philanthropy. She also utilizes twitter and linked in.

The second blog I wanted to share is The DailyWorth. DailyWorth is the leading digital media company for ambitious, professional women. We are the premier platform for women on all things related to money, career and entrepreneurship. This “warm and fuzzy” blog appeals to young female professionals in a holistic fashion, advising on: business, finances and relationships (not exclusive to romantic.) They allow readers to share information from their blog easily through LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest and Facebook. Their claim is to “… publish exclusive, expert content daily to more than one million female financial decision makers. Explore the website and sign up to get our tips and tools delivered daily to your inbox.”


The later is great to browse no matter your profession I think!


Living in abundance…

A huge priority in my life is my personal health. Which sounds maybe contrived or “trendy” of me. The health industry is fascinating and terrifying to me. The way “health” is marketed is questionable to say the least. Perhaps in response to this, in some way at least, my health is my number one job. My mindset is that if you can’t care for yourself, you can’t care for others. Growing up around people who sacrificed everything for others, I learned firsthand that martyrdom helps no one. It’s not efficient. It’s like how everyone has time to go back and do things right the second time around, but no one has time to do it right the first time.

Long story short, I was very sick for a long time with a chronic illness. I decided that I was at a cross road. I could choose the path of victim or victor. While no path is a straight incline towards success, I strive to always stay abundance minded. Without getting too “warm and feely” on you, I just want to say that while you cannot control what happens to you, you truly can always control how you respond.

This is a bit tangential, but I recently read a few books on mindfulness and a book called The Slight Edge. I found it fascinating to think about where you are, right now, as a reflection of your habits. When faced with stress our minds and bodies react in a very instinctual way. We go into fight, flight or freezing. What response we choose is a direct reflection of what we repeatedly do. So if you have an internal monologue that is negative you will respond negatively. This will likely reinforce that internal narrative. On the other hand, people who see themselves as lucky are really just people who are really trained at seeing a glass half full. It’s not that their life is any different than ours, they’re just more resilient.

Did you know that practicing mindfulness can actually change the shape of your brain? Meditation activates your brain and grows or shirks areas to benefit you. A study on individuals with OCD found that those who practiced daily mediation actually shrunk the part of their brain that initiates OCD tendencies on par with medication. Fascinating!

What do you do to keep sane? Do you play sports? Paint? Nap?

My next post will be my miscellaneous post! Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions or requests about what you would like to read!